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This site is moving to a bigger space @ LoadRunner TnT

It's a brand new start for LoadRunner TnT

Many thanks to all who had been following and supporting this website. The time to move to a bigger space has come and we are excited to announce the new website LoadRunner TnT is up and running.

The new site will continue to provide quality information on LoadRunner and Performance Testing to help newbies or mid-career performance tester in their work. Posting on this site will be discontinued but for those existing articles, they will be moved to the new home not shortly but surely.


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3 Responses to “It's a brand new start for LoadRunner TnT”

  1. # Anonymous arm

    this info are very useful... thanks... pleeese.. feel free to visit my blog also... i put free movies download and software application for free..  

  2. # Blogger lr_techcore


    I am using the recording options->advanced->"record scriptusing earlier recording engine"-> Support charset option as checked.
    I am not able to get the generation log tab below.
    How to perform correlation as we are not able to see the generation log details?
    I am stuck with the correlation in my script.


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous
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