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Scripts: Any compatibility issues after upgrading LoadRunner versions?

Personally, I encountered problem while porting the scripts recorded in 8.0 to 8.1 . This was actually pertaining to Citrix protocol where there is an additional parameter needed for the APIs. This will be particular to users that are using scripts in BPM (Business Process Management) of BAC (Business Availability Center). Take note that BPM uses the same recording tool, VuGen in LoadRunner, however at a version lower than the currently released LoadRunner Vugen).

If I didn't recall wrongly, the Citrix API ctrx_sync_on_bitmap, had an additional parameter, "CTRX_LAST" at the end of its parameter list in 8.1 as compared to 8.0. Since then, I haven't had any problem with other protocol scripts so far.

Anyway, my advice are as the followed:
  1. Read the upgrade readme file.
  2. Clone an image prior the upgrade. In this way, you can revert back to the older version.
  3. Test the previously recorded scripts from the older version.

Do you have any incompatibility issues of scripts before? Feel free to share with us!

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2 Responses to “Scripts: Any compatibility issues after upgrading LoadRunner versions?”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    In the context of Mercury/HP BAC, BPM stands for 'Business Process Monitor' not 'Business Process Management'.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Your article is good. Keep updating i need one clarification for the below problem . i can't get the solution clearly.

    Error: "[10055] No Buffer space is available"

    You can get the more articles like this from here , But i can't get proper answer...

    All the best........  

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