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General: Planning for Load Testing - Recommendations

After identifying trends, it’s time to propose an action plan, proposal or recommendation to your client.

This maybe just telling the client that “Dear client, your application is running at this rate, I would recommend to re-look the SLAs with your users.” or “Dear client, the server housing the application is encountering processor contention. I would like to recommend you to distribute the load across with a new server (or processor).” This is of course tied to the initial requirements and the limitations the clients are bounded in.

At this point if they have follow up actions to improve the system, do keep a record of the last changed parameter on the server. This will be useful for you to track the changes over time on their application and determined if the changed had enhanced the application. Unless you are part of the server team, you might not be involved in the tuning process.

Once the changes have been made, conduct a load test to verify the changes.

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  1. # Anonymous Krishh

    Great. This is nice explanation. Can you explain some more points on recommendations or how to tune the system with examples?  

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