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General: Planning for Load Testing - Monitoring

I separated the Monitoring from the Monitor Setup because I feel that the setup is prior the load test runs. In this stage, what we are concerned are the counters and metrics to monitor. If you are starting off without any knowledge or history of the system such as performance issues, it’s advisable to monitor the 4 main categories, namely Processor, Memory, Disk and Network. Once the load test completes, you should have an overview of the application performance. From there, go to a 2nd level of monitoring till the nth level until you are satisfied with the investigation.

For example, on the 1st load test, you observed that the page faults are occurring at a level higher than the accepted threshold indicating memory problems. From there, you may want to investigate further on the cause of the page fault such as, if it is a hard page fault or soft page fault. Therefore, you may like to monitor the Transition Faults, Pages Input and Pages Output to answer your doubts.

Of course, to know what to investigate further requires knowledge of the application, server, network, and what the counters and metrics mean. This is also assisted if you have a good understanding of the internals working of the component.

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