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General: Load Testing Objectives

There are two approaches from the user perspective on defining load testing objectives, either top-down (business perspective) or bottom-up (techincal perspective).
The top-down, meaning the transaction time take to submit a request and having it responded on the user's machine. This is a business perspective where they just want to know how the application is responding. The user do not want to know how many Hits/sec or Throughput but just want to know how much time was taken for a transaction (therefore the terminology of "transcation" must be aligned with you and the user).

The bottom-up, is a techincal perspective as you had pointed out such as the
ASP.NET transactions or the database transactions (or commits). This is usually a persepctive from a technical manager so they can configure the system accordingly (or whatever they are going to do their system).

Hopefully the above is helpful in understandin your users/clients a little bit more before giving them a satisfying answer.


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