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General: Planning for Load Testing - Application Design

This is the point that the load tester must understand how the application works. When we refer to how it works, it’s not about just clicks on links and buttons, or the calendar will pop up. It goes deeper such as the following but not limited to the list:

  1. What is the type of communication between the client and server?
  2. Is the application client-side?
  3. Is there client-side activities involved in the entire application?
  4. What is the authentication mechanism?
  5. Does the application allow multiple login of a single user?
  6. How does the application maintain a session?
  7. How does the load balancer distribution the load?
  8. What are the parameters been sent to the server?

Basically, this
is actually gathering the technical details of the application unlike the initial Soliciting Requirements which comprises of the “big picture” information.

Without knowing how it works and you start clicking the links and buttons, you are bound for a failing load test at the script level. Also if you were intending to seek assistance from the paid support, chances is that they will ask you if you know the application well enough such as protocol used, client-side activities, and so on so forth.

This information should be consulted with the application developer as he/she is the one that developed it and will be the most knowledgeable amount the performance test team.

However, take note that you may bump into an inexperienced developer of the application, which might end up providing wrong information and wasting everyone’s time and effort. My advice is to be sure of the technology you are working with before approaching them.

Another thing to note, from a consultant or vendor company perspective, I do recognize that the load tester may have trouble conveying such messages or questions to your client’s development team. The time for them to answer your questions might not be as fruitful as writing another two modules to them. But bare minimum is that you must be able to translate and convince them the importance for the need to know the application design.

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