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Scripts: Starting a new transaction during iterations

Recently one of my load testing projects required us to monitor the time taken to upload a file into the application. This sounds simple and straight forward with the implementation of the lr_start_transaction and the lr_end_transaction. However, the catch is that the action block be iterated 10 times and within the 10 iterations, one of the iteration is to upload a different file of different size (thus causing different response time), which they want to measure.

What we did was implement a if-then-else to check the file and perform a lr_start_transaction when the script is uploading the different file and end the transaction with the lr_end_transaction when the submission completes. The snippet of the code is as followed:

if (!strcmp(lr_eval_string("{file}"), lr_eval_string("{set_file}")))
\\other codes
if (!strcmp(lr_eval_string("{file}"),lr_eval_string("{set_file}")))

The code detects the if the uploaded file is different and will start tracking the timing for the upload transaction. Hope it's useful to you.

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