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General: Planning for Load Testing - Protocols

Load testing is about capturing the traffic sent by the application to the server. And using the captured traffic, the tool scripts out APIs to generate the traffic, which is been emulated during replay and sent back to the server.

Through understanding the Application Design, you should be able to determine the type of protocol that is been communicated. As I pointed in previous articles , LoadRunner focuses a lot on protocol and therefore the need to know this information is critical.

To be able to read the logs and find meaningful information out of it, I would recommend you to acquire as much knowledge as possible. For example, HTTP, the replay log merely displays the transmission of the HTTP requests in text. From there, you will know information such as authentication headers or the body that was sent.

I cannot emphasize again that do not associate functional testing as load testing. Therefore, if you are from the functional testing background, please be sure to acquire more knowledge on the protocol that you are working on before proceeding.
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