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General: Planning for Load Testing - Monitor Setup

The setting up of monitors poses some challenge and I advised you to cater one or two days to implement the monitors. LoadRunner features agentless monitoring (which other products do too). However, in order to achieve such feature it needs the SUT (System Under Test) to be configured properly.

This “configure properly” becomes sort of “out-sourced” to the system admin team and if problem arises, the blame of product issue will be reduced. Depending on the type of monitors you are implementing, you will require time and effort to clear ports and justify your case to the security or the network team before the actual implementation is possible.

This is where the initial gathering of information is important in Soliciting Requirements. With the architecture diagram, you can relate to the security or network team on the team of installation of agents or opening of ports. But of course this will come under scrutiny if you do not provide sufficient convincing information to them.

This is also the part of load test where you start to work with even more people from other teams, such as, system, network, database, security or whatever titles they are given.

Also, take note that for different applications or servers, configuration has to be done before the tool can collect monitoring information from them. Examples like perfmon for Windows, rstatd for UNIX, JMX or JMS for WebLogic.

Point to take note at this stage, every organization has different requirements in their infrastructure and for this, you need to respect that and be sensitive to it.

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