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Monitors: The Other Way? II

The organisation that I worked in have frequent port clearance to perform prior the load test and this is often a troublesome matter to do. As you know that for monitoring to be successful, it requires certain ports to be opened as described in the article titled, "Monitors: How does the monitoring work?". So for this requirement, port-clearance becomes part and parcel of the performance tester job (or for me in particular). This kind of situation exists for some other organisations too.
With that, I introduce you to monitor in an alternative way by monitoring locally on the machine and logging the data. The monitoring fundamental for LoadRunner is almost the same for all monitors, as such, you can collect the performance on the machine locally then port it to Analysis to be imported. Analysis provide an import feature that allows external monitor to be ported into the results of the load test.
The import feature is straight forward in the usage. More information (a short one) can be found in the Analysis User Guide that comes along with every installation of LoadRunner. I would advise the data to be stored into a .csv file for easier import as Analysis can extract the data easily.
An example of collecting data on the local machine for Windows can be found in the article, "How to create a log using System Monitor in Windows". Another article titled, "How to create a Performance Monitor log in Windows NT". I will come up an example for UNIX in my future post.
Somethings to note, the timing of the graphs may deviate more than often. What I suggest is try to synchronize the timing of the local machine to the load test results for an accurate reading whenever possible.
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