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There are couple of times when an individual starts to pick up LoadRunner ask this question. I've written the explanation here for the convenience of the newbies which I had previously responded in the Yahoo! group discussion.

Max. Running Vuser

It defines at any point of point of time, the maximum number of vusers running together concurrently (in Run state). This is the "state" or usually the requirement of a load test to reach "X" number of concurrent users. If a load test were to required to run 100 concurrent users, then the Max. Running Vuser must be 100. This is different from Vuser Quantity explained in the following.

Vuser Quantity
In the Controller, the Vuser Quantity is the total number of participating in the load test but it is different from Max. Running Vuser which is explained above. To view the total number of Vuser participating the load test (Vuser Quantity), open the Vuser Summary graph. Please take note that the Summary Report in the Analysis session displays the maximum number of vusers running in the scenario and not the total vuser particiapting.
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1 Responses to “Basics: Max. Running Vusers in Analysis is different from Vuser Quantity in Controller?”

  1. # OpenID indiamacrotesting


    i give one problem with solution, try it . you would collect more resources from here.


    Java Web Start (from Sun MicroSystems) is used to launch an applet. Can a LoadRunner Web Vuser record this Java applet?

    Can any one answer to my problem..

    Thanks in advance..  

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