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I was preparing for a load test last week, and prior to that, my load testing team was asked to ensure the Windows patches and it's associating Hotfixes are up to date before we can bring our machines into the user/customer's Data Center.

As usual, I went thru the Internet and found this tool from Microsoft Windows 2003 Resource Kit (Click
here to access it). This tool have a feature to collect information on remote machines. The exact excutable is srvinfo.exe. The exe can collect information on the following.

1. Services running and stopped
2. Disk capacity and usage
3. Installed hotfixes
4. Installation date

This executable with any other DOS exe, have a list of parameters to use it. The actual commands to use this tool especially srvinfo.exe is listed
here. The URL also provides a basic understanding of the usage.

This is especially useful when the load testing team needs to prepare a list of installed patches and hotfixes for clearance to user/customer site, where you can go a little deeper by writing a script to output the list of installed patches (with srvinfo.exe command) to a text file to the assessment authority.

Hope this information is useful in assisting in your engagement of the load test on site.

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