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Scripts: Set Debug Mode in Script

Sometimes there is a need to know what is the data being transmitted in the Replay Log or performing troubleshooting of the scripts. When the usual options are configured. Parameter substitution, Advance Trace and Data Returned by Server are turned on, it’s going to generate a big chunk of data.

And in circumstances, you need to know only a certain portion of script to ensure that it is working perfectly, you have to wait through the replay, waiting for it to complete. As such, below is a faster way of generating the Replay Log in a shorter format. This, of course is not effective.
So, how do we reduce the information generated to the Replay Log?
You can use the lr_set_debug_message to display only a certain portion of the log generated. Place the lr_set_debug_message before the codes that you want the replay log to receive and close it again as per your requirement. The syntax is as below and more information can be consulted in the Function Reference.

…. Actions


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