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When working with ASP.NET applications, you will notice hidden values call VIEWSTATE. The VIEWSTATE in simpler description is used to maintain the state of the page that you are currently viewing.

This is useful when you have submitted a wrong form and wanted to go back to the previous form to make changes. Usually, the form will be erased, but with VIEWSTATE, the fields are still filled with your information input. A detailed explanation can be found here ViewState: All You Wanted to Know by Paul Wilson and from the ASP .NET Maintaining the ViewState from W3Schools.

During recording of the ASP.NET application in Vugen, VIEWSTATE is obviously recorded in the script. KB 24264 provided by Mercury/HP have some information on how to work with VIEWSTATE.

Point to note that what the KB suggested is to disable the Auto-Correlation Studio. As mentioned in the KB, some of the larger VIEWSTATE values are not captured and you may need to perform
manual correlation.

During replay, there are situation that the VIEWSTATE grows to a significant size and for this, you have to ensure that there is sufficient space to store the captured VIEWSTATE.

In the initial replay in Vugen, the problem of insufficient space may not surface. However, when it’s been port over to the Controller, due to the behavior of the script (or scenario), the VIEWSTATE can grow into the significant size. To mitigate the problem, you can set the maximum length that web_reg_save_param can store using web_set_max_html_param_len.
It is advisable to ensure that the script is able to replay in the Controller for a certain amount of vusers to ensure that the problem does not surface.

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