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Protocols: Working with Citrix II - Best Practices

I’ve recently come across a white paper regarding load-testing Citrix, provided by LoadTester Incorporated. I believed that it is very useful for those that are having problems with the working with Citrix as it covers quite a few aspects in this area.

The white paper covers the following best practices for the following.

  • Display Settings
  • Keyboard Entry versus the Mouse
  • ICA Files
  • Randomizing Information
  • Debugging Vusers in the Controller
  • Generate Snapshot on Error
  • Continue on Error
  • Scripting without the Citrix Agent
  • Scripting with the Citrix Agent

Click here to access the actual document.

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2 Responses to “Protocols: Working with Citrix II - Best Practices”

  1. # Blogger vimlesh

    Hi, This is a good document thanks for the information.
    I am currently working on Performance Monitoring, where i am using VUGen for script develpment. The client is using a Web Client to connect to the Presentation Server 4.5. I think VUGen does ot support 4.5. Does the new version of 9.1 support Presentation server 4.5 and does it also support Citrix Web Client. I am asking this because i am using vugen 8.1 to develop script but when i connect to the CITRIX client it opens the CITRIX ICA Client and Says connected and immedately closes the connection, since the document does says that 8.1 version does not support Web Clinet so i used the Citrix Program Neighborhood verison 10.1. Can you suggest how can i develop this.
    Vimlesh Gautam  

  2. # Anonymous citrix tips

    i used this software before, was very handy  

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