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Protocols: Working with Web (HTTP/HTML) III - NTLM Authentication

LoadRunner supports recording and replaying of NTLM authentication. This is described in two main KB articles below. You can refer to the KBs for information on working with it. Take note that you require an account to login to the Mercury/HP support website to view the articles.

Tips on NTLM authentication when working with Web Vusers

How to record against web applications that go through NTLM authentication

In additional to the above, take note that be it any authentication (Basic or NTLM), if it is running over HTTP, it will be captured as it is transmitting in pure text form (except of course the encrypted password).

Therefore, whenever there is problem in the replay, look at the Replay Log. It will show you the transmission sequence of the script. For NTLM, you will be able to see the 4-way authentication process in the Authentication header of the HTTP message. Trace through the sequence of the authentication in the header. If you are unfamiliar with NTLM authentication, it would be good to research here. Also, you can do additional reading on this book, "HTTP Definitive Guide".

In summary, you can start off with the two KBs on information for working with NTLM. Furthermore, a good knowledge of how NTLM works allows you to understand the information in the Replay Log when the script fails.

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