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Protocols: Working with Citrix

For Citrix protocol, you can refer to the KB 18622 for the common tips from Mercury/HP. We want to further some tips here. We can look into Citrix in details in future. Take note that you need a valid account to login into the support website.


There are two types of recording available to the user. One is pure Citrix ICA protocol while the other is Multi-Protocol, Web (HTTP/HTML) and Citrix ICA.

When do you use the different types of recording? If you are accessing the Citrix via the client program, please use the Citrix ICA protocol. If you are accessing via the browser (NFuse), use the Web (HTTP/HTML) and Citrix ICA protocol.

Before you record, please ensure that you have the latest Citrix Presentation Server Clients (ICA Clients) and Terminal Services is enabled for the client and server.

The full installation of the ICA Client is necessary for the recording to be successful. Machines with Web Client installed will not be able to record successfully.

Also, have the following information in place before you proceed should you encounter problem and require Mercury/HP support.

The version of the Citrix Server.
The version of the ICA Client.
The version of the recording OS.
The version of the OS that the Citrix Server is residing.

Check with the company on the support level of the ICA Client.


When replay fails, try the following.

[SOLUTION 1] Remove web_add_cookie statements.

The cookies maybe causing the replay problem.

[SOLUTION 2] Enable Think Time

Citrix may require some time for the applications to be load successfully and thus Think Time maybe required for this. Configure the script to Replay Think Time as "As Recorded"

[SOLUTION 3]: Add web_set_user

  • Add web_set_user if it is a Multi-Protocol Citrix and Web. This is when there is a proxy server or NTLM authentication that is required to submit in order to enter the application?

  • Add the following statement replacing Domain, user, password and host:port with the relevant information.

  • web_set_user("Domain\\user", "password", "host:port");

[SOLUTION 4] Ensure the Citrix Server is up and running.

When encountering connection problems, ensure that the Citrix server is up and running.

[SOLUTION 5] Configure the connection to point to the correct ICA file.

When Windows Authentication keeps popping up, it could be caused by the Active Directory being unable to authenticate the user. The cause is that the ICA file maybe stored in your current profile (Documents and Settings) and not the Vuser (theoretically). Therefore when it is replayed, Citrix was unable to detect the ICA file.


You will be replaying against a Citrix Server Farm.

There is load balancing mechanism in the server farm; therefore the load will be distributed to the servers in the farm.

Ramp up the Vusers slowly as Citrix has a characteristics of unable to handle concurrent logons.

After stopping a Scenario, please ensure that all Vusers in the Citrix are been removed from the Citrix Console. If not, it will cause the subsequent runs to encounter problem as the vusers are unable to logon.

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10 Responses to “Protocols: Working with Citrix”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous


    I am new to Loadrunner and trying to learn Loadrunner with Citrix. Can you please write a basic tutorial for newbies?


  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    [Added to above post]

    I don't have access to KB 18622  

  3. # Blogger Hs

    Thanks for writing in! I do not have a good tutorial as per say for you at the moment, however, the points mentioned in the article should be sufficient for you to take note. :) I will take note that a Citrix tutorial is "in need" in future! :) Thank you! Do check out the new site LoadRunner TnT @ that is replacing the current one you are viewing. :)  

  4. # Blogger Hs

    As for the KB, you will have to log on to the new support website at for more information. Registration should be free. ;)  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Hs...thanks for your quick reply. I will look at your new site for sure. Still unable to access that KB 18622, even after registration. I will wait for your new tutorial about Loadrunner with Citrix. Thanks again for your valuable info.  

  6. # Blogger Brody

    This is the following error I am receiving when attempting to use citrix:

    Error: Fail to create Agent Channel.

    I am using the latest version of everything, and using multiprotocol.

    Any Ideas?  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Anyone have a direct link for the KB18622. The HP Website sucks.

    Brody, I have the same problem as you, "Fail to create agent channel" when using Citrix Client version 10.X. Anyone knows whats the problem here?

    Citrix Client 9.23 works, though.  

  8. # Blogger Sumit Dhadwal


    you need to get hold of a patch in order to record successfully.

    The patch is called LR_00671- Enable Citrix v10 Virtual You can request this from HP.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous


    I am using LR9.1 and while trying to record Java Swing application via Citrix protocol it is not recognizing the text. Only the application window title is recognized. Apart from that none of the text were not recognized. Kindly need assitance. Please contact me at

    Prabhu MB  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    The thing that you really need to do with Citrix is to get the Loadrunner Agen component installed onto the Citrrix server. This makes scripting much more accurate and much quicker.  

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