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Products: Performance Center

Performance Center is an enterprise version of LoadRunner (LR) where it allows concurrent runs in an organization by managing a pool of Controllers and Load generators build on a web interface. The design is for suitable for organizations that require running multiple load test projects throughout the organization. If you like to know more on the sales talk from the company, you can click here.

To put it simply, PC can run multiple load test while LR can run a single load test.

Performance Center tends to design in a way that load tests are managed in the concept of projects. And through these projects, you will be able to trace the number of runs pertaining to each individual.

Privileges are also introduced with the hindsight of projects where there is a difference in the roles. Administrator role maintains the PC setup as a whole, while privileges for users such as Consultant, Tester or Manager can be defined depending on the organization requirements.

The administrator has the rights to manage the resources as well as determine the maximum number of concurrent users the project can generate.

Through PC, a pool of Controllers and Load Generators can be managed together via a single point of control. In this way, resources are better utilized (according to Mercury/HP). Furthermore, there can be configurations to limit the usage of Load Generators to the projects assigned.

License entitlement (or enforcement?) is increased with one more layer of control. the amount of concurrent runs and the total number of vusers that the PC installation can generate. As it is an enterprise version of LoadRunner, the LR license engine still applies, such as the number of vusers, the protocols and monitors entitlement. Both PC and LR licenses are needed in order for the full PC to function properly.

Technically, PC is an enhanced web version of LoadRunner on both JSP and ASP at this point of time. The internal infrastructure is built on DCOM links that needs to exist in the same LAN. Performance Center (PC) maintains a database that keeps information of the load tests as well as the configurations of the PC setup.

The basic infrastructure of Controller and Load Generator still applies even after porting over to this software. Therefore, the troubleshooting, tips and tricks still applies for them.

For the Controllers and Load Generators, they can be located in a separate LAN. PC comes with a nice feature of managing the resources such as patch updates and restarting function over the interface.

Vugen and Analysis remains the same as a client-side program. PC provides these two components by making them downloadable in the PC web pages through a download link. This page, with the right ASP knowledge, can be configured to include other downloads. This, of course is better than LR in terms of installation procedures as you need not go around physically to with the disc to install them.

With all the above mentioned, being an enterprise means more user usage and more features which coherently means more money to pay for by the organization. Therefore, conduct some evaluation before jumping into the decision of purchasing this behemoth product.

To sum up, PC is an enhanced web version of LR with the capabilities of running multiple load tests instead of a single load test. It is managed in projects and can be traced to the number of runs. The licenses have increase to one additional layer in controlling the total number of concurrent runs allowed. Technically, it is build on DCOM and the basic infrastructure of Controller and Load Generator remains.

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