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Monitors: Unix System Resource

Before we start off, a general understanding of how monitoring works in LoadRunner can be found in "Monitors: How does the monitoring work?"will be useful.

Generally, LoadRunner is drawing data from rstatd daemon. For this, before you connect to the Unix box, ensure that rstatd is configured properly and running. This information can be found in the Monitor Reference with every installation of LoadRunner.

To configure rstatd, ensure that you have (1) root account or someone who has root account to assist you and (2) someone who is Unix-trained to assist as much of the configuration is done on the Unix box.

Verify rstatd Daemon

To verify if rstatd is configured, run rup command in the following syntax in the console.

>rup host

You can also use lr_host_monitor and see if it returns any relevant statistics. If the command returns meaningful statistics, the rstatd daemon is already configured and activated. If not, or if you receive an error message, the rstatd daemon is not configured.

Configure rstatd Daemon

To configure the rstatd daemon:

1. Run the command: su root

2. Go to /etc/inetd.conf and look for the rstatd row (it begins with the word rstatd). If it is commented out (with a #), remove the comment directive, and save the file.

3 From the command line, run:

kill -1 inet_pid

where inet_pid is the pid of the inetd process. This instructs the inetd to rescan the /etc/inetd.conf file and register all daemons which are uncommented, including the rstatd daemon.

4 Run rup again.

If the command still does not indicate that the rstatd daemon is configured, contact your system administrator.


To monitor a UNIX machine through a firewall, you must run a UNIX utility called rpcinfo and identify the rstatd’s port number. By running rpcinfo -p , you will receive a list of all RPC servers registered in the host’s portmapper, along with the port number. This list will not change until rstatd is stopped and rerun.

Some firewalls allow you to open an RPC program number instead of a port. In such cases, open program 100001. If are prompted to include a version number, specify versions 3 and 4.


There are two KBs that discusses about troubleshooting Unix System Resource and would be a good source or starting point for you in the event you run into problems with setting up the Unix System Resource monitoring.

Error: "Monitor name: UNIX Resources. Cannot initialize the monitoring on ..."

Requirements for Unix/Linux Resource Monitor in LoadRunner

You will have to have a valid account with the support site ( to access the documents.

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