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Monitors: MS SQL Server

LoadTester also provides another white paper that discussed about the performance counters you can utilize for monitoring SQL Server. I've extracted the portion of it and paste it here which will be useful first-hand for anyone that requires to monitor SQL Server. The list they provided however, is a recommendation list and you may include more counters based on your requirements.

Cache Hit Ratio (SQLServer: Cache Manager object): This is the % of time that a record was found in cache. The recommend cache hit ratio is 90% or more. For typical OLTP systems, the recommended value is 99%. This can be achieved by adding more RAM to the system and a value of 90% is considered a low number.

In OLAP systems, this % can be much less due to the nature of how OLAP systems work. Hence, the recommended ratio of 90%.

User Connections (SQLServer: General Statistics object): this is the value of number of users connected to this database. Note that this value is the total number of user connections and not the total number of users. By default, SQL Server is configured for 255 user connections. If this value is exceeded, then increase the value of "Maximum Worker Threads" to a number higher then 255. As a rule, this value should be higher then the number of user connections. You can also set the maximum concurrent user connections to ‘0’. Which means that the number of connections is limited only by the SQL Server maximum.

Transactions/sec (SQLServer: Databases object): The number of transactions started for the database. These transactions come in the form of requests from client machines that are services by the database. Having too many concurrent transactions can cause locking problems and incur additional overhead.

Data File(s) Size (KB) (SQLServer: Database object): The cumulative size of the data fiels that reside on a disk array. This counter is useful in tracking disk usage growth for capacity planning studies.

Percent Log Used (SQLServer: Databases object): The percentage of the log that is used. This counter is helpful in tracking log growth in capacity planning studies.
The actual document can be found here.

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