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Tools: Duplicating Files Prior Load Test

I came across a Business Process (BP) that requires the uploading of multiple files. For this, the BP in detail, requires that 300 files be uploaded into SharePoint. In order to meet the requirement, the 300 files need to be created prior the load test.

I've figured out the data preparation by creating the files prior the load test. Searching thru the Web, I've got hold of the below bat script and amended it to create the 300 files for the data preparation.

for /L %%i in (1,1,300) do
@copy C:\test_folder\OriginalFile.txt NewFile-"%%i".txt

Saving it as a bat file and renaming the "OriginalFile.txt" and "NewFile-" to your requirement (if you find it useful). This is not the only way to work with the data preparation (I believed), and another alternative is to create the file during the load test. This will require scripting knowledge of using the system API which hopefully I can discuss it in future.

[Added 06 May 2007]
I've added another method on duplication in
Scripts: Duplicate Files on the Fly. Please feel free to visit it.

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1 Responses to “Tools: Duplicating Files Prior Load Test”

  1. # Anonymous Chris

    it will be more robust if the script is written in a more portable langauge such as perl.

    considering that you might run this script in other platforms other than the native DOS, perl is a good option to go for as it can be used almost all platforms  

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