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General: Working with Web (HTTP/HTML) IV: Internet Explorer 7 Support

IE 7 is supported by LoadRunner 8.1 FP4 with an additional patch. The patch can be downloaded from the Mercury/HP support site here.

Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) support for LoadRunner 8.1 Feature Pack 4

As of today’s writing, the company has pointed out limitations on the following (taken from the support website)

1. Some versions of JInitiator may cause IE to crash when recording the Oracle NCA protocol on IE 7 platforms.
2. Cannot record the FTP protocol upload or download operations on IE 7 platforms.
3. Does not support tabbed browsing. If you record using VuGen on IE 7 platforms, then Internet Explorer will open with this feature disabled.
4. The current version of Mercury Diagnostics (4.2) does not support IE 7. Diagnostics version 6.5 will support IE 7.

Take note that you need LoadRunner 8.1 installed with FP4 before you can apply the IE 7 patch. If not, the patch installation will not work.

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