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General: Vugen/Controller Crash or Abnormal Behavior

In the event that Vugen, Mercury/HP has provided a document that assists the user in troubleshooting the problem. The document, KB 31731 provided is rather old but still relevant.

Download the document and follow the steps sequentially not to miss any of it. Do take note on the following three which you can start with which usually resolves the problem.

1. Login as administrator
2. Run the batch file
3. Reinitializing the ini file

The definition of administrator here is it is a default administrator on the OS without any changes to its roles or privileges.

Similarly, for crashing or abnormal behavior of Controller, you can refer to KB 12532. Take note that for both KB, you will need a valid login to the support website to access them.

On top of the list of solutions provided by Mercury/HP, you may want to verify the following too.

1. Ensure that there are no other Mercury/HP product (especially QTP or WinRunner). It is advisable to install only LoadRunner components on the machine.

2. Ensure that that DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is disabled for Vugen and the client program in Windows XP SP2. More details can be found in KB 41489.

3. When working with Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol, it may be the application that is causing the problem (crash/hang) rather than Vugen. Under this circumstances, refer to the article, "Working with Web(HTTP/HTML)" to troubleshoot the problem.

If all else fails, the best suggestion is to get a “clean” machine and login with default local administrator and perform a reinstallation. The definition of “clean” means that the machine OS is not built on a clone image.

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3 Responses to “General: Vugen/Controller Crash or Abnormal Behavior”

  1. # Blogger Ben Simo

    Great stuff. Running that batch file fixes all kinds of goofy behavior by the VUGen. There are times that I can go months without rerunning it and other times it needs to be run daily.

    Ben Simo  

  2. # Blogger Hs

    Thank you Ben! :)  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Looking for KB 31731
    results in:
    "Your session is invalid, please log in again"  

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