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General: How does LoadRunner license work?

LoadRunner requires license to function. The license entitles what protocol the user is permitted to run, the number of Vusers (or concurrent users it can generate) and the type of monitors available to the user.

LR8.1 FP3, the license model have changed from individual or group protocols to Bundle
Licenses. In a Bundled License, the protocols of the same type are grouped together (e.g. Web
(HTTP/HTML), FTP, Winsock are grouped together into Web & Multimedia Bundle). This (in my opinion) provides a neater way to manage the licenses.

Also, the monitors available are "All Monitors" with exceptions to the diagnostics modules (e.g.
J2EE, .NET, SAP, etc.).

It seemed that all is good with LR8.1 FP3. However, with the grouping feature of the protocols, and all monitors being available, there are no free meals, the costing comparison have also increased.

Once you've upgraded to LR8.1 FP3 from a previous version, and you would like to uninstall FP3, there are no methods to rollback the upgrade other than uninstalling LR again and upgrade to the Feature Pack that you desired (e.g. FP2).

The license effectively constraints the Controller in the type of Vusers to run, the number of Vusers to run and the type of monitors entitled. As such, you can still install Vugen and Analysis to perform recording/replaying and analysis of the graphs without worrying about the license implications.

The license is usually bounded by a Host-ID which generates the License Key for the machine. Take note that if you change system values like System Date, this will create a security violation to the license causing it to fail when you startup Controller. If such things arises, it's advisable to contact Mercury/HP for an unlocking license.

The Host-ID changes everytime, however be assure that the license generated remains the same. This as described in
KB 30252 is beacause the Host-ID is based on an algorithm to calculate the value out based on system values. That is why, changes such as the System Date may cause the Host-ID to be inconsistent with the License Key.

There are a couple of KBs in the support website that provides useful information on licenses. I've listed
KB 9120, KB 36169 and KB 39992 for your ease of reference. Take note that you have to be a valid user of the support website in order to access the articles.

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