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General: Detecting Memory Leaks Using LoadRunner

How to effectively use LoadRunner to detect memory leaks? First, I recommend you to read the article “Detecting Memory Leaks” that I’ve extracted from the “Windows 2000 Performance Guide by Mark Friedman & Odysseas Pentakalos” to understand the definition of memory leak.

Here, as we discussed memory leak, we are referring the memory leakage on the server side NOT the client side. Therefore, if you are searching for information on client-side application memory leakage, you can try the SQA Forums which may provide more relevant information to you.

With the mentioned materials, we can use the Available Bytes, Committed Bytes and the number of Running Vusers to determine if memory leakage occurred.

Setup the scenario with Available Bytes and Committed Bytes as one of the counters to monitor. Run the load test as per norm. Observe the pattern of memory usage on the designated server with the ramp up of Vusers and see if they correlate.

When the memory usage peaks at a ceiling, exit the Vusers gradually. If there wasn’t any leakage, the Available Bytes should increase and Committed Bytes decreased in correlation with the Vusers exiting. If it doesn’t, that is, the memory usage is persisted to be high, and the Vusers have successfully exited. It may indicate the memory leak existed in the application and will needed to be resolved (usually at the code-level). Code profiling tools such as Parasoft Jtest (etc.) will be useful in detecting potential poor coding standards.

For ASP applications using IIS, memory leak could be indicated when the IIS worker process restarts itself at a defined memory level. However, point to note that as this configuration can be “human-subjective”, the IIS may merely performing what it is supposed to do despite the memory usage pattern.


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    Excellent article that explains memory leakage detection of a program using load runner...  

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