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General: Are client activities recorded by Vugen?

Vugen is not designed to record client-side activities. The essential functionality of LoadRunner is to load test a server, a SUT (System Under Test), and by doing so, we are emulating network traffic to load against the SUT. Client activity exist only on the client machine and does not contributes to the loading of the SUT, and therefore is not considered as an item to record and replay as load for load testing the servers.

Mercury/HP Support have provided some information on this particular topic in KB 3803 and KB 42319. In both articles, it just merely describes what is client side activity and it cannot be recorded. (Take note that you required a valid login to the support website to access the article.)

At the release of LR 8.1 FP3, a new protocol called Web (Click & Script) was introduced.
KB 48261 provides more details in it as an enhanced released of FP4. This protocol "promises" that the scripting will be make easy and it will resolve some of the client-side activities such as Javascripts. However, to my experience, I wasn't successful in using it (or maybe I missed out some steps concerning this new protocol)... anyway... you can give it a try in recording those web applications with Javascripts or similar components embedded into the web applicationm (if you have intentions in recording the client-side activities). I would be more concerned with actual load been generated to the SUT and will use the conventional Web (HTTP/HTML).

I would like to go a little further with the following example that I believed it is asked among the load testing community.

For activities such as, opening of file, editing in Excel sheet, or bat files performing copying operations are considered to be client-side activities. They do not generate network load to the server.

Another example is that if a web application allows opening of files such as documents over the browser (e.g. Sharepoint). The underlying mechanism for the file opening operation still requires a client installation of the program (e.g. MS Word), and subsequent activities are done locally on the client machine eventhough it exist in a browser. This of course is also considered as a client-side activity.

So, before recording the application, please ensure that you know the functionality of the Business Process and determine if it is a client or server activity. This will reduce the unneccessary effort in scripting and later realizing that it is client activity.

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