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8 Responses to “Content Page - Message Board”

  1. # Blogger Sudha

    Iam rurrning load runner8.1 trial version on Windown XP with IE 7.0 Version. I have a prolbme. After recording, the recorded screens are not displayed. Is theire any configurations that i have to do?  

  2. # Blogger Rajdeep

    I have installed .NET Framework. I have Load Runner with .NET Protocol. I am trying to RECORD a .NET Application. Nothing is geting Recoreded. Please suggest ways to counter the Problem  

  3. # Blogger Hs

    You may require to install a patch for compatibility with LR8.1 and IE7. However having said that the latest version of LR is 9.0 and support for IE7 is problematic still. I couldn't blame much on the compatibility issue but you may want to provide more information with regards to "recorded screens are not displayed"? Is it a replay problem?  

  4. # Blogger Hs

    Rajdeep, you have to understand the protocol that is communicating between the .NET application and the server. It doesn't mean that an application developed in .NET have to use .NET protocol, it may using HTTP or FTP, etc... check with your developers on this then you will know the suitable protocol. I've written in my new site "Which protocol to use?" (, check that out! ;) Unless otherwise that you really need to use .NET then we find means to counter the "problem".  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hello All,

    I am Bindu.

    i am using .NET client/Server application. Recording the scripts using win32 option.
    But i am facing problem once i parameterize the value, i want to cross check the values.
    Can anybody tell me how to cross check the results once the replay is done.  

  6. # Anonymous Franklin


    In run time setting enable log, select Log option as "Always send message" and log message as detail level as "Extended Log" and check "Parameter subsitution". replay the recorded script and then you can see the parameter values in the reply log.  

  7. # Anonymous Franklin

    can anyone explain how to do manual correlation?  

  8. # Blogger eratos2000


    Do you know what is this? or seen it?

    Action.c(148): Error -26000: Not enough memory (60651516 bytes) for a new escaped bufferin LrwUtilSubmitDataBody::MakeAdditionalRoomForOK

    This happen when I execute an scenario. The script is trying to upload 60MB into a server.

    Any help appreciated

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