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Protocols: What Protocol to use?

There are a lot of questions about LoadRunner on what types of protocols to used to record application "X". Questions such as, "I've got a Java applicaton, and there are many protocols from the list of Vugen. Which Protocol should I choose?".

For the above, the Load Tester him/herself must understand the communication method between the Client and Server. If he/she were to post the question to someone else on the Internet or Mercury/HP support, he/she is going to get the same respond of "Do you know what is the communication between the Client and Server?".

Despite the langauge or the type of of Applications (Java or Win32, etc.), the Load Tester must understand what is the communication method in order to determine the protocol to be used. This is done by consulting the developement team of the application (which usually the Load Tester do not have such knowledge).

Using the Java application as an example, it could be developed in Java, however maybe using RMI-Java, RMI-CORBA or HTTP to communicate with the Server. Simiarly, for Win32, it could be developed in VB however, also can be using DCOM, ADO or HTTP, so on so forth. With the above information, you can select the protocol from the list in LoadRunner accordingly. Example, RMI-Java used RMI-Java, HTTP use Web(HTTP/HTML), DCOM use COM/DCOM, ADO use ODBC (if using ODBC connectivity), so on and so forth.

You can see that it doesn't matter what the language was used to develop the application; the main important thing is the communicaton method that was used.

In summary, knowing the communication method by the application is important as it determines the protocol to use for recording. Despite being developed in any type of application, it can be communicating in a protocol that is not of it native language type. Hopefully, this article can serve a better understanding the effort for recording and selection criteria.

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2 Responses to “Protocols: What Protocol to use?”

  1. # Blogger VJP

    Yeah you would assume that this is the basis for any LR user. but the number of time the question isasked makes you wonder  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I AM testing web application which contains some videos... How can i record and play back these videos using loadrunner i.e which protocol must be used ...i tried even with multiple protocols like Web (Http-html),real/media Player .. can any one help me......  

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