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Protocols: Working with Web (HTTP/HTML)

There are situations where record using HTTP encounters problem. As the problem may varies in contexts, below is a list of solutions that may/may not resolve the problem.

[1] Use another machine to record.

Install VuGen on another machine and proceed with recording. What we are doing here, is to differ a problematic machine to a working one (at a machine-level troubleshooting). The existing machine may have problems due to a clone image or previous installation of programs.

[2] Use web_custom_request.

Use the basic web request methods for communicating to the server.

1.1 From menu, [File] > [New] > [New Multi Protocol Script], choice only [Web(HTTP/HTML)], invoke new Web Vuser.

1.2 Set WEB Vuser with URL based script (not HTML mode), check on “Use web_custom_request only”. Proceed with the recording. LR records and generate scripts when it detects signatures that describes the protocol, generating similar functions such as web_submit_data. In certain situations, this detection is unsuccessful caused by HTTP requests/responds unknown to LR. Therefore, by instructing VuGen to record using web_custom_request only, this will detect all unknown communications been used in a HTTP mode to be recorded.

[3] Configure Port Mapping settings

Some applications might utilize certain ports different from the browser.

1.1 Ensure the port used by the application was set properly at [Recording Options] > [Port Mapping] and record the application.
NOTE 1: Shouldn’t duplicate the port numbers. To ensure it, delete all of the registered Entry and add New Entry.
NOTE 2: Use web_custom_request only

1.2 If that didn’t resolve the problem, please set “WinInet Level data” at [Capture Level] in [Port Mapping] and record the application.

1.3 If that didn’t resolve the problem, please set “Socket level and WinInet level data” at [Capture Level] in [Port Mapping] and record the application.

1.4 If that didn’t resolve the problem, click [Edit Entry], please change [Record Type] to “Direct” and record the application. NOTE: If you are using SSL, you need to set it here properly. Additional information for SSL can be found in VuGen User Guide. Go to START > All Programs > Mercury Load Runner > Documentation > Load Runner Books Online > Mercury Load Runner Virtual Generator User Guide > Working with VuGen > Configuring the Port Mappings

[4] Use Older Recording Engine

Recording Engine differ from the old version to the current version. 1.1 Check on [Recording Options] > [Advanced] > “Record script using earlier recording engine”. 1.2 Create a new script for the settings to take effect. From [File] > [New] > [New Single Protocol Script] > [Web(HTTP/HTML)], invoke new Web Vuser. 1.3 In [Recording Options] > [Browser] and set [Specify Path to application] to set the path of the target application. Proceed to record the application.

[5] Use LoadRunner as Proxy Server for Recording (For Older Recording Engine)

Utilize LoadRunner as Proxy Server to record communication going through to the server.

1.1 If the above listed didn’t resolve the problem, use LoadRunner as Proxy Server for recording.

1.2 In [Recording Options] > [Browser] and set [Manually launch an application] there.

1.3 In [Recording Options] > [Browser] > [Recording Proxy] and set “No Proxy” there.

1.4 On a separate machine (e.g. Machine A), set the Proxy to the LR machine with port 7777. (NOTE: Proxy server can be configured on the LR machine itself)

1.5 Start recording on LoadRunner machine.

1.6 Invoke the application on Machine A.1.7 You should be seeing events counted on the LoadRunner machine. It means the target application accesses the LR machine and LR is recording it.

[6] Determine OS Support Status and Change the OS for Testing

[7] Use WinSock protocol

Using WinSock protocol, you can determine the actual communication method by the client to the server.

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